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Health and Wellbeing

We take the wellbeing of our pupils very seriously at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong and celebrate a strong awareness of what it means to lead a healthy lifestyle. We aim to establish a school community of happy, successful, young people who are achieving their full potential and strive to help all of our students to find balance and fulfilment in their busy school lives.

Wellbeing is about much more than happiness, it is about understanding how our bodies and minds work and then learning to look after them through life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle fosters a positive and happy learning environment. So, while our pupils may face challenges in their lives, we support and encourage every student, so whatever difficulties they might face, so that we can manage them together.

Our students are taught about wellbeing throughout the curriculum, whether it is in their PSHE lessons, Topic lessons, PE lessons or Science lessons. They learn about friendships, feelings, eating a balanced diet and the importance of exercise to name just a few of the areas we cover.

At Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, we recognise that the learning environment is also an important factor in our students’ wellbeing. To safeguard the health and safety of our students, all products in our school are made exclusively from environmental friendly materials, using high-density, formaldehyde-free wood fibres imported from Japan, Thailand, Sweden and New Zealand.

Each classroom has the following display:

Health and wellbeing at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong