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Annual UK visit

Each year a selected group of students from Year 5 to Year 8 get the opportunity to travel to Tavistock, England and experience life at Mount Kelly UK. 

After a day in London sightseeing, our students travel to the beautiful countryside in Tavistock, Devon where they join their peers at Mount Kelly UK for a week. Students get to stay in the Boarding House and participate in daily lessons with other Mount Kelly students. Whilst there, they have the opportunity to join the UK Shackleton programme to compare the similarities and differences between Hong Kong and Mount Kelly UK.

More importantly, our students get to meet and make new friends, and gain new experiences in new surroundings, while always having the familiarity of being a Mount Kelly student at a Mount Kelly school. 

The annual UK visit is also an excellent opportunity for those who want to pursue their Senior School years at Mount Kelly UK.

Mount Kelly School Hong Kong annual visit to the United Kingdom