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Information and Communication Technologies

In the Prep School, our students have dedicated weekly Computing and ICT lessons with a subject specialist, as well as cross-curricular ICT opportunities in all subjects, to ensure they develop the necessary skills to prepare them for their future lives. Our ICT facilities are continually updated and the use of technology is prominent across the school.

We utilise both PC and Mac technologies and ensure that our students are prepared for the demands of ICT in the future workplace. Our ICT curriculum is wide ranging and creative and continually evolving to ensure that it is relevant.

Upon joining us, all students at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong will be provided with access to an iPad. Using these devices as part of their everyday learning will assist our pupils to become ‘digital natives’, as we help to prepare them for life after school. We place great importance on the use of technology in school to offer a 21st century experience for our students. Using tablet technology, such as the iPad has changed the way we interact with technology and it is therefore vital that as a school we also change the way we engage with technology through our teaching.

Download an overview of our ICT Curriculum.