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Sports at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong

At Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, we aim to provide a sporting environment whereby every student has the opportunity to achieve their very best. We want each student to find a sport they enjoy enough to pursue after leaving school. We strive for excellence both in performance and attitude and cater for everyone by providing first class coaching, facilities and opportunities to train and compete.

Sport at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong ensures that all students are active and can find enjoyment in physical activity, while promoting a healthy lifestyle. At the heart of our sporting curriculum are our core values: Respect, Commitment, Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Humility. Students are taught to develop a positive attitude towards sport, where they learn fair play and appropriate sporting behaviour, as well as how to cope with both success and failure. Students are encouraged to realise the importance of sport, so that they can continue to participate in physical activity after they leave the school.

Our students get the opportunity to partake in a wide range of sports and physical activities throughout the school year, depending on the time of year. These include team games such as football and cricket, life skills such as swimming as well as strengthening and choreographed activities such as yoga and dance. We are fortunate to have a national Table Tennis coach as part of our Mount Kelly team and already have a team of skilful players. In the coming year we will also introduce Fencing and Golf to our pupils.

We utilise a range of facilities located next to the school, including Kings Park, the YMCA, Kowloon Bowling Green Club and Kowloon Cricket Club. Our students benefit greatly from having access to these world class venues throughout the academic year.