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curriculum enrichment

At Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, we place emphasis on academic achievement
and success. However, we are passionate about delivering an all-round and holistic education, knowing that our students will need both academic excellence and a rich foundation of experiences and skills in the future.

The normal weekly timetable is the main method for delivering the broad and balanced curriculum on which Mount Kelly prides itself, but this provision is enriched by a carefully constructed programme of extra-curricular activities which enhances our students’ experiences and makes learning both more enjoyable and more effective. We are passionate about our students being prepared for going into the world as well informed global citizens. Our students should have a good understanding of international issues and current affairs and to be taught to think and question information in order to form their own judgments.

Curriculum Enrichment Days are planned throughout the school year for all students who are then involved with special curriculum-related activities both on and off site.

We also want our pupils to have the opportunity to try a range of experiences in a range of activities. Our Shackleton Programme and outdoor learning activities are designed to help students develop a range of skills including collaboration, empathy, perseverance and challenge in the physical environment.