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English as an additional language (EAL)

English as an Additional Language (EAL) students are those who have language backgrounds other than English and who are learners of English as their second or as an additional language at school.

They include:

  • Students who have never had exposure to the English Language and are now entering an English speaking environment
  • Students who have experienced minimal exposure to the English language or some English language tuition
  • Students who were born overseas to parents, at least one of whom has a language background other than English
  • Students whose parents communicate in English in the home environment, but it is not the mother tongue of either parent
  • Students who have had an inconsistent education or have had to move schools frequently

At Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, English is the language of learning, apart from language lessons such as Chinese and French. Therefore all students, including those who are learning English as an Additional Language are continually immersed in the English language throughout the school day. In addition, we also provide specific EAL lessons for those students who join our school with very little English, in order to support them in accessing the curriculum.

We have a dedicated team of EAL teachers who provide the following support:

  1. One-to-one support for students arriving at MKSHK with little to no English.
  2. Withdrawal lessons specifically focused on the target language, usually in small groups with students of a similar language ability.
  3. In-class support, whereby EAL teachers support the student/s in their regular lessons.
  4. Extra-curricular clubs for students who require further English language support.

It is our aim at Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, that all of our students can become confident speakers, readers and writers of the English language, which will enable them to access a wealth of opportunity as they enter higher education and a competitive workplace in the future.