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Additional Needs

At Mount Kelly School Hong Kong it is our aim to ensure all students are given the opportunity to excel in their learning and achieve success. To that end we are able to give support to those who need it and to extend those who need further challenge. We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we get to know the students that we teach as individuals.

We recognise that there will be a range of attainment and interests within our pupil body. There will be differences, whether they are intellectual, emotional, physical or social and these will be evident in individual students’ speed of mastery, their confidence levels, in their willingness to participate and in the outcomes of their learning.

For children who require additional support to access the curriculum and fulfil their potential, our Additional Needs Department (AND) is there to help. The Additional Needs Department at MKSHK practices an inclusive and caring approach to learning. Led by our SENCO, our Learning Support Assistants have access to excellent resources, ensuring they can adopt innovative, multi-sensory programmes to support pupils. Levels of support vary according to need and may be offered in a variety of ways and include individual withdrawal or group teaching for students with learning difficulties. Where necessary, MKSHK can recommend external assessments and specialist input by experts such as Educational Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Throughout the whole process, communication with key stakeholders is maintained with students, parents and teaching staff all involved in reviewing and planning the next steps of progress.