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Why Mount Kelly School Hong Kong

An Authentic British Education in Hong Kong

We offer an outstanding all-through education pathway for students from infancy to pre-university level. We follow the English National Curriculum adapted to the needs of children receiving their education in Hong Kong.
Our curriculum allows our students to develop their potential to explore and discover the world, form opinions, be empathetic, and gain responsibility.

Transition to Mount Kelly UK

As part of the Mount Kelly family of Schools, we work closely with our sister school in the United Kingdom. All our Upper Prep students have the opportunity to visit Mount Kelly UK and have guaranteed placement at the school from Year 8 onwards. Furthermore, we offer support and give advice to all families who are considering placing their children in British schools and universities.
All Year 8 graduates at Mount Kelly Hong Kong receive a 10% discount for tuition fees at Mount Kelly UK.

Personalised Learning

We believe every child is unique and has different needs. Our teachers tailor the curriculum to meet the needs of every student, ensuring they receive a personalised learning approach, where they can achieve their true potential.
Our school provides a low teacher to student ratio of 1:8 to guarantee students receive optimal attention. Our small groups allow teachers to provide each student with individual attention, to have more time to work on one on one sessions and to develop a more significant bond with the students.

Importance of Languages 

Our language of instruction is English. Other languages such as Chinese (Mandarin) and French are also taught in the school. We treat those languages as essential pillars of our syllabus and therefore we fully integrate them into our curriculum.

A Well-Balanced Co-Curricular and Leadership Programme

Our co-curricular programme ensures that every child is given opportunities to discover interests and talents, helping them to build character, teamwork skills and self-confidence.
Among our activities, we have our Mount Kelly exclusive Shackleton Programme, which celebrates leadership, practical skills and teamwork.