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Capital Levy and Nomination Certificates Scheme

Mount Kelly International Limited, the owner of Mount Kelly School Hong Kong, is a private education organisation which does not receive regular funds from the Hong Kong Government.


Annual Capital Levy
The annual payment of the Capital Levy is required for applicants that are not subscribed to a Nomination Certificate. The Capital Levy payment is non-interest bearing, non-refundable and non-transferable. The levy amount is reviewed each year.


Individual Nomination Certificate

Parents may subscribe to an Individual Nomination Certificate (INC). The INC is not mandatory but its holder will receive priority assessment and placement. An INC may be refundable, transferable and non-depreciating (subject to terms and conditions). Details regarding the INC admissions priority can be found in our Admissions Policy.


Our initial set of Individual Nomination Certificates (INC) has been fully subscribed and is now closed for subscription. Parents who are interested in our new set of Individual Nomination Certificates can be placed on our waiting list by completing the “Expression of Interest (EOI) Form for subscription to the INC”. Our Admissions Office will contact you directly when the new set of INCs become available.


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Overseas Registration

Please contact our Admissions team, admissions@mountkelly.edu.hk, if you are applying from overseas.